Why Our Coffee System?

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Whole Beans to Cup

Our systems come from Italy and are calibrated to make flavorful coffee of a consistent taste and temperature. Our system takes whole beans, grinds them fresh for each cup made, presses the grounds together, shoots hot, filtered water through the grounds to make a proper espresso, then adds other ingredients to make espresso-based drinks such as Latte, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate and many more.
We take care of filling the machine so there is no coffee or supply storage issues, no waste, no maintenance, no cleaning, no equipment purchase, and even the spent grounds can be used in garden compost.


Offices & Workplaces

Every workplace is different, from tiny law firms to large warehouses but employees and guests are usually the same when it comes to their coffee and most will appreciate a great quality, gourmet cup of coffee when available.
We have developed the most advanced and adaptable Italian made espresso systems available today. Our specialty espresso dispensing systems fit into any size location and the machines can be customized for any unique beverage consumption needs.


K-Cups? Bad for the environment

K-Cups brewing system may be convenient, but the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable single-serving K-Cups required have long been criticized for their environmental impact. Nearly one in three offices and homes has a pod-based coffeemaker, which adds up to billions of pods placed in landfills every year. 
We Love Our Planet! Therefore with our coffee system there is virtually no trash. Yes it is true; there is virtually no trash. Our machine grinds whole beans from the internal hopper. Unlike other coffee machines, there is no packaging for the coffee or any of the ancillaries to throw away – no paper filters, no aluminum cups, no pods, no pouches. Nothing. As we like to emphasize – great coffee without the waste and packaging.